Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Demak DMX, DMXR,DTM 150cc

Many may have already purchase a malaysian dirt bike or scrambler as it sometimes known which is actually a word for a british motor event that didn't have anything to do with the name of any bikes. so malaysia has produced a few bikes that has captured the enduro,supermotard and mx industry which 5 years ago was quite hard to imagine as most imported bikes was way to expansive for any normal hard working malaysian to get his hands on.

than comes the demak dmx dirt bike which was cheap and fun to play with and parts was easy to come by. lets just put it down so that any new comers who...well want to get in to dirt biking and take a pick on what bike or which bike to pick at your local dealer shop.

One part of trying out all the new bikes when i have the chance is to look at its durability in all aspect of the motorcycle. From chassis,the welds..so on and so forth..most malaysia bike are from china and are assemble in malaysia so quality of the bike is not like your Kawasaki,Honda's or for that matter KTM's. but it will still thrill as a begginer.

DMX150cc..Kota Kinabalu Pontianak
with my guest from japan.

This is probably at the moment the most durable bike as fare as the engine is concern. It was design for heavy loadings like work on the fields for those who couldn't afford 4x4 to carry there produce out of there orchards. i have ridden this bike to the fullest and worse terrain i can ride through. engine performs well however as any 4 stroke trail you'd have to look after valve adjustment and air filter cleaning. It does well on steep ascends with enough torque to pull a 60 to 80 kg weight person and bashing through the bush.

In the bush of Borneo's unforgiving Jungles. The DMX150cc pretty much survives the brutal beating
of the harsh terrain.

I 've ridden it on MX styl track with whoops and hopes..strutted corners and table tops, i have ridden it 4000KM in a week from boarder to boarders on the island of borneo with 7 hours twisting the throttle up the the max and i have ridden it enduro through the jungles and river.dont think about the other parts that easily breaks like the signal lights and rear mud guards. if you want a dirt bike that performs and dont let you down in the middle of no where than this is the cheapest and most durable bike you want. however there is the down side, the bike vibrates through out the chassis and is less on the top end.

DMX-R 150cc
Now hears a bike that went out on the market with a little more style and appealing design but a down side on the motor performance. I guess they where looking at the normal commuting market. its a good bike on the road but not so much on the dirt road its a little sluggish on the hill climb and a really down side on the hill climb on a rainy day..clutch burns out easily. but it will do the job of tackling mid size hills and soft terrain.

The DMXR150 performs well on flat and gravel roads.

Up side of it The engine is smooth and easy on the shifting unlike the DMX150cc which is rough and vibrates a lot compare to the DMXR which makes it fun to ride on the road. Its best used for road riding this is where the bike exhale on smoothness of its suspension and responds to good long tarmac. either way the bike is as good as the rider


Another nicely design looking dual purpose dirt bike from a distance it damn look like a KTM. This bike has won MOtard races and MX races however pleas dont get fooled, those bike where tune for this kind of events. The engine is the same as the DMXR model sluggish on the hill climb but pretty speedy on the road..dont take it on a enduro style ride on mud and river crossing and steep hill climb..it will burn out the clutches.

However on the upper side this is a fun bike to play with on the road, enough of torque and speed on the bends. engine smoothness is pretty much the same but desighn mor on the motard side it is easy to lean batter than the DMX or DMXR.


This is a dirt bike on its own in the malaysian made dirt bike market, agile and easy to handle with pretty good suspensions. A little adjustment to the sprocket ratio and muffler you ll get a pretty torquey and aggressive bike enhine is smooth and gears are easy to shift. the padle is a little to high though but for a 5 and half footer block it will do just fine.

Trail,MX,Motard and Enduro ride makes this bike an ideal all rounder

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